Friday, July 23, 2010

Peasant Supper Sundays

I think we may have a new tradition here.

Peasant Supper Sundays began a few weeks ago for Philip and I when we realized that we make good, simple food for our Sunday dinner. Not exactly a "Eureka!"-type moment, but inspiring nonetheless.

We tend to eat different meals when together, since I'm vegan, and he is a flexitarian (eating meat more and more now but not so much at home as out with friends).

Several dishes we've had lately are baked potatoes, "meat" pie (Philip's creation), couscous with roasted chickpeas, vegetable soup.

On the wedding front, 99 days left!!!! Things are coming together but will MUCH more so in August (I hope...).

Tomorrow morning will consist of a venture to the farmer's market (or maybe 2 of them). And then later in the day we're registering at Target :)


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