Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life Lately: 5-7-2014

Hey there! Figured I'd pop by for an update of life (or, at least, my Instagram version of it, haha!)

{i turned 29!!!! love the card from my coworkers}

{this lady gets better and healthier every month since being diagnosed with Addison's disease. such a trooper}

{i tried out the packing tape project from A Beautiful Mess}

{my first batch of tape much fun!}

{the river at sunset yesterday evening...warm, windy, and beautiful}

I'm working on several crafting projects:

{a CMYK crocheted curtain...all of the motifs are completed, just need to connect and block}

{my first granny square blanket!}

{making this into a summer tank}


Thursday, April 17, 2014


10 years together.

And here we thought we wouldn't make it past the deal-breaking 2.5 years.

Every one of those days, I've loved you like no other. Let's be real for a minute, though. There were definitely times during which we experienced feelings of anger, frustration, misery, and loneliness; but through all of our fumbles, I always knew we'd find each other again and again. You can be a total poo-face at times, but you're also my best friend. I adore you.

We may not yet have children or own our own home, but I think we've decided to measure the "success" of our relationship in other ways. That we're happy together is enough of a measurement. That we've never separated or taken a break also matters to us. That I still giggle at your jokes and feel that you support my endeavors as I support yours means that we're winning at this thing called love. As you recently pointed out, we've been together long enough to have threadbare bath towels. That may well be the most important indicator of success :)

10 years ago, I chose you for your spunk, individuality, intellect, and compassion. We've lived in three different cities, adopted one loving dog, and enjoyed many hobbies together. You bet your buns I'm looking forward to the next ten, twenty, thirty years together. What we've built together fills me with joy, admiration, and hope for our future.

And now we have tattoos to commemorate this occasion--our own interpretation of the number 10.

{Philip's tattoo}
{my tattoo}

And true to your fashion, you decided to include your "one-more-photo-face." God, I love you so much.

*Photos edited from various ABM Actions.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March Books

The month of March found me knocking off two more books from my list. I'm still working on The Tenant of Wildfell Hall...le sigh.  I pick it up now and then but get easily distracted but other recommendations. I'm only human, geez :)

1) Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison by Piper Kerman
  --Having watched the Netflix show beforehand and loved the stuffing out of it, I really wanted to pick up this book. I wasn't disappointed, either, just marveled at the liberties taken with the show. One of the biggest differences I saw was Kerman's relationship with Pennsatucky in the book versus the show. MAN, they really wanted to find some kind of crisis to develop within the show, but geez...that was quite a stretch, guys. The book made me feel akin to the women Kerman encountered, which also comes through in the show. Overall, great book and great show. Interesting insight into what happens when one thing F's up your life.

2) Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out by Jolene Hart
  --I picked up this book at a recommendation over at A Beautiful Mess. It's right in line with health and nutrition books I feel drawn to read. It's a pretty good base for someone first getting into that field of thought, but I found myself at a few points thinking, "Elaborate some more on your idea here." Sometimes, I foundhte author wrote in great ideas but then didn't delve further into them as much as I'd like. Again, though, great book. I plan on trying out some of the more vegan-leaning recipes soon.

*Photos edited using Spring from the ABM Actions Signature Collection.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Tattoo!!

{don't mind the red, hairy arm, ugh}

My second tattoo! The excitement to get it drove me crazy all week--it didn't help that I had to take my last round of Comps earlier that day to complete my Master's Degree. These photos were taken right after she finished the tattoo, blood, gross arm and all. Phil also got a new tattoo. We went to Artist at Large here in Wichita and had them done by the awesome Shelly.

I love it so freaking much! For all the pain of getting the color (which I think hurt more...), I totally want more already.

It's still healing now, all scabby and gross. Blech. I'll post clean photos when it heals, obvs.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dear April.

You hold so, SO much promise in your 30 days. I can't wait to live each and every one of them. You're one of my favorite months (obvs! my birthday!). Here's what we have in store:

4-1: Picking up Mom from the hospital! Yay, she gets to come home!!!
4-4: Taking my last round of comps (ONE QUESTION) needed to complete my Master's this semester. And Philip and I have our appointment for 10-year anniversary tattoos 3 hours later. Ah!!!
4-5: First area farmer's market opens this season.
4-17: My TEN-YEAR ANNIVERSARY with Philip. Gah, ten years. Amazed.
4-18: A day off from work, huzzah!
4-19: Record Store Day!
4-25: Sis-in-law and fam in town, YAY!
4-26: ARCADE FIRE in KC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found my outfit (see below).
4-28: My 29th birthday!!!!!!! Is it technically my 1st Annual 29th?

{"Dress up," they said. Oh yeah!}

What do you have planned this month?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Crocheting in a Hospital Waiting Room

Wanna see what I made while waiting for Mom's spinal surgery procedure yesterday?

Yup, that's a unicorn cat hat. One of my friends posted a picture of a dog unicorn hat on FB and said I should make it. This is what I improvised instead, no pattern. In a hospital waiting room. With people staring at me (no problem!). One elderly man came over later, sat next to me, and said he and his wife had wondered what I was crocheting.

I also made a bitchin' neon yellow headband. Really can't get enough of this line of Deborah Norville yarns.

Happy Weekend!

*Photos edited with the awesome actions at ABM Actions.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Introducing...Overworked Press

We did it! Phil and I opened an Etsy shop together!

Philip's been meaning to start his own artist website, but we set this up tout de suite to facilitate sales of his prints and the Nick-Unicorn coasters and stickers we're releasing (for reference on "Nick-Unicorn" see this post). Despite the "Press" in the name, I'll also be adding some handmade art of my own in the form of embroideries and maybe even some crochet goods. Still working out the logistics of that.

My Wichita Vintage shop is still open, albeit a little neglected as of late. But I'll be adding more items in the coming weeks, including some cutsie vintage kids' clothing and some awesome cups I found locally (for real, SO CUTE).

Anyway, check out Overworked Press!