Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dear April.

You hold so, SO much promise in your 30 days. I can't wait to live each and every one of them. You're one of my favorite months (obvs! my birthday!). Here's what we have in store:

4-1: Picking up Mom from the hospital! Yay, she gets to come home!!!
4-4: Taking my last round of comps (ONE QUESTION) needed to complete my Master's this semester. And Philip and I have our appointment for 10-year anniversary tattoos 3 hours later. Ah!!!
4-5: First area farmer's market opens this season.
4-17: My TEN-YEAR ANNIVERSARY with Philip. Gah, ten years. Amazed.
4-18: A day off from work, huzzah!
4-19: Record Store Day!
4-25: Sis-in-law and fam in town, YAY!
4-26: ARCADE FIRE in KC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found my outfit (see below).
4-28: My 29th birthday!!!!!!! Is it technically my 1st Annual 29th?

{"Dress up," they said. Oh yeah!}

What do you have planned this month?

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