Thursday, April 17, 2014


10 years together.

And here we thought we wouldn't make it past the deal-breaking 2.5 years.

Every one of those days, I've loved you like no other. Let's be real for a minute, though. There were definitely times during which we experienced feelings of anger, frustration, misery, and loneliness; but through all of our fumbles, I always knew we'd find each other again and again. You can be a total poo-face at times, but you're also my best friend. I adore you.

We may not yet have children or own our own home, but I think we've decided to measure the "success" of our relationship in other ways. That we're happy together is enough of a measurement. That we've never separated or taken a break also matters to us. That I still giggle at your jokes and feel that you support my endeavors as I support yours means that we're winning at this thing called love. As you recently pointed out, we've been together long enough to have threadbare bath towels. That may well be the most important indicator of success :)

10 years ago, I chose you for your spunk, individuality, intellect, and compassion. We've lived in three different cities, adopted one loving dog, and enjoyed many hobbies together. You bet your buns I'm looking forward to the next ten, twenty, thirty years together. What we've built together fills me with joy, admiration, and hope for our future.

And now we have tattoos to commemorate this occasion--our own interpretation of the number 10.

{Philip's tattoo}
{my tattoo}

And true to your fashion, you decided to include your "one-more-photo-face." God, I love you so much.

*Photos edited from various ABM Actions.

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