Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love Me Some Quesadillas

Yeah, and if you were me (you're not), you would have totally heard the word "quesadilla" in the Napoleon Dynamite voice in your head. I do still say "quesadilla" like that...6 years after the movie came out (?) Quirky.

Since it's one of Phil's 2 weeknights in class, it's just my big, ferocious dog and I (that's for you pervs who read this and think about breaking in, she'll bite your will to live). Maybe I'll make this into a new tradition this semester, like with our Peasant Supper Sundays, only lonelier and more boring...because I am WAY bored.

So, I whipped up some black bean refried beans, spread them on some tortillas, and ate them.

Now I'm stuffed and bored.

The black "refried" beans are nothing more than smooshed beans mixed with some seasonings, like S & P, cumin, garlic powder & onion powder (and a swish of water).

Throw in some raw onion and Daiya "cheese," and you're on your way to Yummy-town on the bean train.

In other news...

Our wedding has been moved from the former (and paid-for) location to the country! There's a scandal going on with the place, we found out our date had been double-booked (with one of Phil's acquaintances from childhood, weird!), and it was on the news (http://www.kwch.com/news/factfinder12/kwch-news-bh-gallery-one-nine,0,6165347.story).
So, instead, we're having the ceremony and reception at my maid of honor's parents' house in the country just south of where we live. They have a new utility building (with electricity!) that they are veeeeerrryyy generously letting us use. We're still working on a refund from the former location... Strangely, though, I haven't been very upset about it. I have not cried or broken down or felt any desperation. It's bizarre and totally like something I saw on Dateline, but it happened to us!


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