Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's been a great year, baby.

One year ago I transitioned from a vegetarian to a vegan.
{I actually can't pinpoint the exact date, but this is the closest approximation induced from my planner activities last year}

But still, yay! I'm glad that I am able to celebrate this day. It may not mean much to others, but it means quite a lot to me.

-I am helping animals by not eating them.

-My dollars mostly go to companies that are cruelty-free. I'm still working on the non-milk brand issue and working on my hygiene products. It's expensive to re-purchase shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

-The Hubs has tried new foods (he eats apple slices now--hooray!) and reduced his meat intake by probably 75% of what it once was. Still eats dairy and eggs, but he's working on cutting that cholesterol-laden stuff out.

-We recycle probably about 60% of our garbage each week. We usually have 3 bags of recycling and 1 bag of regular trash. If we added composting (somehow...The Hubs is opposed b/c of potential bad smells), we could cut back even more substantially.

-We use reusable grocery bags and produce bags. If we ever accidentally leave these at home, we regret it. They're easier to carry, anyway.

-I recognize that no one can completely be 100% vegan because there are animal products in so many items we use everyday ( But I also recognize that being as vegan as I can is better than none at all.

-November was especially good for me--I participated in Vegan MoFo 2010 and got to interact with multitudes of other vegans worldwide. This was such a fulfilling experience, and the anticipation for next year is killing me already.

-Recipes I like or want to try out become treasures to me, something to look forward to making/devouring/savoring/liking (or disliking...I've had those, too).

Goals for next year:

-Develop the blog some more, get more followers and find other wonderful blogs to follow.

-Get over of our paper towel addiction. We use way too many of these as it is.

-Shorter showers. Yup.

-Go to the Farmer's Market more. We went month-long stretches last year without going, and I truly value it. Plus, in Wichita there are 2 separate FM associations, so there's a great variety.

-Plant a garden. We're testing the water with herbs in the kitchen right now, but I want a small, raised-bed venture outside when it gets warmer. Already thinking of the possibilities...

-Check out the TWO vegan-friendly restaurants in Wichita, and frequent our favorite, d'Sozo. Hoping to eat lunch at d'Sozo on my day off this Friday so I can FINALLY write about it here. YES, there are vegan restaurants in the Midwest. It's amazing.

-Get a sewing machine, and make something out of my clothes that have seen better days.

It's been a wonderful year, on par with great years from my past. I really hope the next one is equal to or better.


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