Friday, March 4, 2011

Kickstart the Weekend

Here's to Friday, the best day of my week. I think it's more the promise of the weekend that is actually more thrilling than the weekend.

I'll be spending half of my day among dead people, reading about their interments at the cemetery for my thesis research. It's actually pretty exciting, to tell you the truth. There are some great stories in the records they have kept since 1888, when the cemetery opened.

I'll also be watching two programs by Dr. Neal Barnard, renowned cardiologist who promotes the vegan diet to reverse heart ailments. PBS is airing these two programs on Sunday, March 6:

I haven't seen these before. I doubt they are new, but I plan to check them out.

Also, we're going to shell out some kizzy for gardening seeds (organic) and supplies. This will be our first garden, and I am super excited. I hope it works out; I've been researching it for weeks now and am ready to start some seeds inside. Probably start transplanting around mid-late April here.

Are you starting a garden? What will you plant this year?


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  1. Hi Jes I am waiting for his program to come on here in Canada.What did you think?

    I can't wait to start my little balcony garden this year.It's going to be a while though.We have had the most snow we have in 20 years.Crappy!!Lots of herbs for me.My five year old loves them.Your pasta blog made me laugh.Because I'm so new to this pasta is sometimes my fall

    Love your blog too.I like the humour.Take care.tanya from tanyasadvegture!!