Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm still running/fast-walking! It was quite chilly this morning with the moisture and low-30s, but I stuck it out for another morning. Hopefully my legs and (lack of) abs rebound better tomorrow morning. Definitely stiff today, owwies.

Here's the end result of the Seitan's Pot Roast from Peasant Supper Sunday:

{topped with a tangy Arby's-like sauce the hubs made for it}

It was OK. If I make it again, I will probably tweak the flavors more--maybe add some lemon juice, more soy sauce/ketchup, more spices. The veggies tasted pretty good. I ended up freezing two servings for later.

Check out my latest score! Tasty vegan lip glosses from this awesome etsy seller! These get two thumbs up for tastiness, moisture AND humor :) You have to check out the "Bunny Farts" flavor.

{yummy vegan lip glosses}

{chocolate and peanut butter}

Don't forget that Martha Stewart's vegan-themed episode airs tomorrow!! 9am/10am est.


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  1. Hi Jes I feel you on the legs.I am trying to get back in shape after a winter of doing not much of anything.lol.Mine is more walking..I did some stairs on the way back.Yikes..out of shape.lol.
    I love the name of the lipbalm.Awesome!!!Good luck of the workouts! Enjoy martha we don't get Hallmark..maybe I'll see if they will post it.See ya Tanya