Sunday, May 8, 2011

Garden Update! And a Happy Mother's Day (especially to your mom.)

Time for a garden update!

{indoor basil}

{grow, tomatoes, grow!}

{jalapenos and two types of tomatoes, going outside soon!}

{cilantro is the shiz}

{outdoor basil, soaking in the sun}


{my little container garden}

{beee-utiful kale}

{carrots! and they have teeny-tiny character leaves now!}

{looking forward to radishes}

{beets and their greens are my fave}

{had to replant my lettuce outside, turning out ok so far}

{mega-zucchini! it's grown so much just this week alone}

Happy Mother's Day! You know, it's that one day when "your mom" jokes just don't have that kind of snap to them. (Love you, Mom!)


1 comment:

  1. The photo's are GREAT! My daughter has a green thumb, yay! She didn't get that from me.
    I love you, too, my beautiful, intelligent, talented daughter :)