Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend Lovelies

What a lovely weekend. Really :)

Did you have a nice couple of days?

It was the first weekend after the official end of classes (for me), and it could have been better at times. But it was still fairly pleasant. We pretty much went from 100 deg. F record temps earlier in the week to the low 60's. That's Kansas weather for you!

I went to the opening of the Old Town Farmer's Market, which is held in a beautiful brick square in front of a museum in the heart of Wichita. There were belly dancers braving the 50 deg. F temperature when I got there. I scored some gorgeous produce from Home Grown KS, a booth I love to frequent. Also got some lovely crinkled spinach from another booth (forgot the name!).

Here's one of my go-to desserts (i.e. weight-gainers!) recently. I had leftover cocoa-coconut mix from the Coconut-Cocoa Haystacks I made for a friend's BBQ last weekend, so I turned it into another dessert...by adding more cocoa and coconut :)


Yesterday, we went to the Derby Public Library for some books and some fun. Our nephew, Isaac, read the book Flat Stanley in his class and sent us his version of Mr. Stanley. We took some pics of Flat Stanley at the library, which we'll be sending back to his class probably at the end of this week. It's a great way for the kids to learn something about a new place.

I'm just so excited to be reading something other than books for class or my thesis. I'm still working away on the ole thesis, but I'm finally able to mix in recreational reading, YAY! It's been so overwhelming already; I feel like a junkie and don't know where to start. I picked up the graphic novel version of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I lurv. And I got a book about the invention of the George Washington myths (think I'm most excited about this one...figures that even in my recreational reading, I still roam back to history-related books...).

Be sure to check back tomorrow! It's a special day for me :)


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