Thursday, August 18, 2011

Raw's What I Needed

In the midst of digging our way out of a mountain of boxes, I thought I would bring you some pre-move and post-move eats!

Lately, I've been digging on the raw food lifestyle. After eating mostly fast food during the moving days, I felt like C.R.A.P. so this raw week has really been the cure. Before the move, here's what I was munching on:

{romaine salad with sprouted quinoa, raw buckwheat groats, apple,
tomato, cucumber, green onion, and sesame seeds}

{breakfast then and now: soaked raw buckwheat groats (really good, try them!!), shredded/dried/unsweet, coconut, flax seeds, and a dollop of almond butter}

Now is a fabulous time to eat mostly-raw with the hot weather and the seasonal produce. I've been munching on organic cantaloupe and frozen organic grapes (except for the other day when I didn't cut up my cantaloupe in time for work, and I had to bring a carrot as my snack. yes, a carrot).

Here's what I've had for dinner in the last few days (MOSTLY-raw, not 100%):

Sunday--Romaine salad with black beans (not raw), sprouted quinoa, raw buckwheat groats, green onion, carrot, avocado, and a nooch-dressing
Monday--Couscous (not raw) tabbouleh with tomatoes, cucumbers, and green onion
Tuesday--Romaine lettuce tacos: soaked quinoa with spicy seasoning, black beans (not raw), green onion, fresh corn, and avocado inside a romaine "taco shell"
Wednesday--Massaged kale-avocado salad with carrots, green onion, sprouted green lentils and a raw hummus (soooo good!)

Like I said, not totally raw, which is cool with me. I'm trying new things and picking up some rad books on raw food. So far, I'm enjoying myself.

Now if I can only find the memory card to the camera.

Have you tried high-raw vegan before? Are you eating raw now?


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  1. Your photo's make "raw" inviting. We've been eatting a lot of salad! The 100+ temps make me crave them. After dealing with the high temps, the last thing I need is to feel weighted down with a heavy meal and salad does quite the opposite. I want tabbouleh now, with lots of lemon! Wanna share?