Friday, October 7, 2011

Vegan MoFo, Day 7: What? There's Vegan Food in Kansas?

You betta believe it. Well, at there is in Wichita. Can't speak for the rest of the state :)

There are some fantastic vegan options available here in Wichita. We even had (SHOCK!) a solely-vegan restaurant, d'Sozo. I wrote a favorable review of that lovely place here. If you ever get the chance to visit (read: drive through) Wichita, you have to try this place out. Can't say enough good things about it :D

Wichita also has a bunch of chain restaurants that serve vegan dishes (labeled as vegan, too! yay for recognition of our existence!).

For instance, I had some awesome Japanese Pan Noodles from Noodles & Co. today for lunch.

And here's my dinner, from Doc Green's:

{Dr. Grilled Veggie Salad}

What are your favorite vegan dishes at chain restaurants? Have you ever had to explain to a server what a vegan eats?


PS--Is it weird to strike a dancer yoga pose while alone in the bathroom at work? Yeaaahh, I totally did that today in front of the bathroom mirror. What?!? It's a pretty pose.


  1. The noodle place used to be called Semolina, right? I went to WSU and I miss Wichita tons!

    Dancer is lovely, I usually do it in front of the TV though :D

  2. I think Noodles & Co on Rock used to be a golf store that closed. There was a vegetarian restaurant across from it on Rock, but it closed down (sad face).