Friday, December 2, 2011

Flashback Friday!

Today is one of my last vacay days off of work. So far, I've woken up at 10:00am (best. sleep. ever.), fed the dog and let her out, ate some gluten-free crackers with coconut butter, watched about 2 hours of DVR'd shows, and checked my Facebook and bank account. After this, I plan to clean up the living room, put up the xmas tree, and pick up the backyard until the cold gets to me. Yay for days off!

In keeping with my new Flashback Friday! theme, here's this week's offering, which shows my weight progression over the last 11 years:

{Fall 2000, Hello Dolly! musical. skinny high school Jes!}

{Sept 2003, first semester in college, first time I went vegetarian}

{summer 2004, as you can see, it went well for me before I gave it up}

{May 2007, weight crept up a little, but my job at the time was still an active one}

{June 2009, I'm on the right, probably one of my largest photos, two years at a desk job}

{xmas 2009, right before I went vegan. best.decision.ever.}

{June 2010, first pool party, here I was down about 10lbs from my highest of 175lbs}

{Thanksgiving 2011, at about 147lbs}

The point of this is to say that I did all of this naturally without really worrying myself over numbers. And at a safe level of weight loss. To lose 10lbs in 2 weeks is so bad for your heart. It's too fast for adjustment (I'm not a doctor, but it's honestly common sense). And I contribute the majority of it to going vegan. Some vegan foods have just as much fat (though, not cholesterol) as animal-based foods, but by going vegan I became way more aware of what I was putting into my body. Plus, my meals became so much more exciting!

I'm still working on it, in my own way, which is very important to me. I don't want to have to rely on someone else's methods for weight loss. And I don't need powders or shakes or anything like that. Because after you lose your desired amount of weight using those methods, it will just come back on once you think you can start eating how you used to.

In other news, I finally gave in and joined Twitter, becoming someone drawn into my own internal, narcissistic and incessant ramblings (but I blog anyway, so same dif!). Check me out there: YourMomsaVegan. Holla!

Enjoy your weekend! And please treat store workers politely this holiday. They deserve your respect.



  1. What a cool idea, your Flashback Fridays. Fun!

  2. My sweet Jessica! I am truly blessed to have YOU as my daughter. You are such a beautiful person, inside AND out, and always have been. Everyone you meet loves you. You just have that special something that people love. This has not been for the last 10 years though. It has been going strong for 26 years now. YOU are the daughter that every mother dreams of having. You have disappointed me ZERO times in 26 years. How many moms can say that? You've always been my bright sunshine in each of my days and I thank YOU for that because you had choices in growing up. You always chose the right one. I love you from the depths of my soul, my darling daughter.