Monday, December 19, 2011

Friday Holiday Flashback!

Sorry for being here and there with posts. Lots of stuff going on, especially with it being just a day away from xmas!

I thought I'd do a holiday "flashback" this week and take you back, waaay back, along the stretch of years to another time and place.

Each year (ideally), The Hubs and I take an xmas photo on the steps in front of his mom's house. We've done this since our first xmas together in 2004:

{first xmas, 2004}

The progression of waist lines and hair lines is quite comical.

{2nd xmas, 2005}

{xmas 2008. MIL reflected in window!}

{not sure if we missed this year,
but here's our "sadface" xmas photo for that year--2009}

I know we've at least missed a year somewhere in there, but those are the photos I can readily find. Do you have an xmas tradition like this?

Happy Holidays!!


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