Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vegan MoFo Cometh...and Doughnuts...omg nom.

Hey there! Guess what's coming up next week?

YUP! Who out there's participating? Do you have a theme?

I'm pretty broke right now and am looking to history to figure out some tasty eats. So I took some inspiration from a post I did last year on a cookbook from the 1930s/1940s. Basically, I'm making menus from Meatless Meals by Jean Prescott Adams. It's an AWESOME cookbook that has some shall we say interesting recipes. It's already meatless but relies a lot on eggs, dairy, and gelatin (I KNOW!), so I'm veganizing some of those recipes.

Should be a blast!

But in the meantime, here's some food pr0n for you lovely readers that I meant to post in April. And some fun with Photoshop :)
{cinnamon-sugar and powdered doughnuts}

{doughnuts are classic.}

{doughnut muffins!!!}

{holy doughnut!}



Doughnuts galore! Originally, I was tempted to coat them in a chocolate glaze, but I found that I hadn't any chocolate at the time (I know, wtf?!?). Still quite tasty, though. I figured out what I did incorrectly the first time I made these: I misread the recipe, only used 1/2c soymilk instead of 3/4c, and baked them waaaaay too long, maybe about 25 minutes instead of 11-13 minutes. Solid as a rock (but tasty when dunked in soymilk like cookies!). THIS time was perfection.

Recipe available here (Peas and Thank You). Perfect recipe!

Do yourself a favor: buy a doughnut pan. If you can't find one (they tend to be kind of elusive), use a muffin pan and make Doughnut Muffins! They rose quite nicely, unlike some of the oily muffin recipes I've tried in the past.


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