Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thankfulness, day 21: my nerdiness

That's right. I'm a nerd and a geek.

It was already there in place before I met Philip 8 1/2 years ago, deep down in my whole being, rooted in my soul. I think there's a little bit of nerd and geek in all of us; it's just how much we personally tap into it that matters. That sounds so new-agey-spiritualistic-but-nerdistic.

Case in point:
-we dvr episodes of jeopardy! and watch them in the living room while eating lunches/dinners. and each time one of us gets a question correct we high-five. yup.

-we dvr adventure time and comic book men and watch them every week. we also fist bump when finn and jake fist bump in the intro to the show. we're dorks.

-we have a pull list at the local comic book store...and half of the titles we get are mine...

-my favorite comic book character has always been scarlet witch (marvel). i don't care if she magically wiped out the majority of the mutant population with three words. she's the shiz! and i think i'm getting a tattoo of her next year :) my husband's anniversary gift to me was an action figure of the scarlet witch! totes awesome. and he painted this for me:

{HUGE painting of the Scarlet Witch. gorgeous!}

-i have a degree in history and anthropology and read history books for fun. and i know it's sad to admit, but i love me some historical fiction!

-our artwork hanging on the walls at home was all made by my husband (and a few pieces were from fellow artists he knows). this includes paintings of superheroes and a huge painting of patrick stewart that we call "p stew." why hang anything else? :)

-i have painted my friend, nick, twice with a unicorn. just because i could.

-i would rather find cool clothing at thrift stores than buy new clothing (i draw the line at underthings!!!). not sure if this qualifies me as a nerd/geek or just cheap! also, i wrote "would rather" which doesn't mean "i never buy new."

My name is Jes, and I am a self-proclaimed nerd and geek. And I'm thankful to be myself, to be an individual, to be a dork, and to be a nerd/geek.

Have a wonderful holiday tomorrow!


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