Tuesday, November 27, 2012

thankfulness, day 27: my evenings after work

There are days where I work in which there's nothing more I want to see than the end of the day. Yesterday happened to be one of those days--it was busy, we were coming off of a holiday, people were surprisingly out of the office here, and everyone was just in a mega-poor mood by the afternoon. Totes ick.

My evenings are full of possibility, and as much as I try to plan out any evening at home, those plans usually go by the wayside in favor of a "freestyle" kind of evening--doing whatever sounds good. I'm thankful that I have this time to myself away from work, and I guard it fiercely. Grrr.

Also, holy heck it was cold this morning!! 18 degrees (F)? After I scraped my car window, I drove nearly all the way to work before realizing my A/C was on! No wonder I was freezing to freaking death in my car. Hello, Monday #2. C'monnnnn evening!


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