Saturday, November 3, 2012

thankfulness, day 3: juice!!

I'm going to try to not make this in the same tone as my first post this month, but I LOOOOOOVE JUICE!! I love love luuuuurv juice. Not the crummy shit from the store, Juicy Juice and that business, but real juice that you make at home.

{gorgeousness in a glass}

{one of my first concoctions}

If I feel bloated, gassy, crummy, and just downright icky, juice is the best. I tend to fall on the sweeter scale of juices, though green juice with a little apple and lemon is totes tasty, too. 

So, I am really thankful for my Breville juicer and the awesome year its given me, and I look forward to many, many more glasses of happiness in my immediate future.

Like tomorrow morning.

{heellloooo, baby!}


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