Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Instagram Lately 7/16

I'm filling my days with work and not much else recently, which has me down and out. The weekends are a little different; I get to forget about the weekday rush for TWO WHOLE DAYS (woo). I make all these plans and lists of stuff to do on the weekends and then end up doing none of those things (or maybe one or two out of ten!). It's come to a point where I'm even hesitant to write out a list of weekend plans because I think it'll be jinxed by being written down.

Anyway, on to happier things! Here are some Instagrams I've had lately. You can find my musings at SuprgrrlJes:

{lonely lady}

{screenprinted t-shirts with philip based on a woodblock piece of art he made}

{first cuke!}

{sleepy sis}

{embroidery i made of philip for his bday}


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