Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Instagram Lately 7/23

Good morning, everyone!

I've been hitting Instagram pretty hard lately by participating in the 30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge put on by A Beautiful Mess in the celebration leading up to the release of their first book. Check out my Instagram HERE.

Here's what I've photographed and Instagrammed this week:

{day 1!! ready!! 7/16}

{day 2, 7/17}

{day 3, 7/18}
{day 4 7/19}

{day 5, 7/20}

{day 6, 7/21}

{day 7, 7/22}

{game night w/Philip! Doctor Who Monopoly and records!}

{first harvest}

{second harvest}

{$1 "nerd" glasses from Target make for a fun time}

{far mar haul on Sat}

{etsy shop love! design and creation courtesy of my husband}

{working on new embroideries}

{thrifted this guy at Goodwill. Philip is turning him into an art project}

{it's been pretty rainy around here lately...unusually rainy}

{you'll hear no complaints from me, though!}

{view of far mar haul photo setup}

{Philip having fun at WalMart in an ADULT-sized Superman cape}


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