Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ten Year High School Reunion!

Time flies, amiright? Just yesterday, I was walking across the podium and celebrating high school graduation with my awesome friends and classmates. And now here we are, ten years on, and celebrating not only graduation but life itself.

Tried out an outfit earlier this week to make sure it was the one:


On the way to the reunion, we were about halfway there when I looked at my feet and realized I still had on my Nike flipflops, so we turned around, got some sandals at Target, and were back on the road.

It was such a blast, and I'm happy we had a great turnout. It would have been nice to have everyone of my classmates present, but things happen. Still glad that I got to see the people I did. My husband, Philip, is the son of our beloved Econ teacher, so we expected a bunch of my classmates to ask, "How's your dad?" during the evening. Everyone knows Philip somehow, so he wasn't out of place while there. I ended up laughing my butt off the whole night!

{photos taken by my friend, Andrea.
The 2nd photo was me telling Ethanni (to my right) "Not in your boobs again!" haha}

As I told Philip on the drive home, I can't wait until our next reunion :)


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