Monday, September 16, 2013

Musical Monday: Washed Out Paracosm

Have you ever watched Portlandia and wondered who sings the opening song? That would be Washed Out, the stage name of Ernest Greene. I could pretty much recommend any of the main tracks of Washed Out's new LP, Paracosm, but I'll give you a few. I'll be purchasing Paracosm on vinyl soon (VERY soon) but have had it playing constantly on my mp3 player since it released. So dreamy...Ernest Greene really epitomizes chillwave music.

From KCRW, Washed Out's "It All Feels Right:"

From KCRW, Washed Out's "All I Know:"

Seriously, give this a good and long listen (then repeat). And then buy the record. So, so good.

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