Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, as I was getting dressed for work this morning, I heard a "THUD!" on the roof above our office (well, bedroom w/my closet converted to office). Being the first of three up in the morning, strange noises give me a fright and make my mind start spinning post-sleep yarns, sometimes absurd.

I peeked outside the window, and this is what I found:
Not just one duck, but three!

I hurriedly finished dressing, grabbed my junk and the D3000, and headed outside to dork it up. I must have looked ridiculous, my bag slung over my shoulder, camera attached to my face, cooing at the "CUTE, ADORABLE" ducks. But what the heck.

Boys will be boys! Fighting over the girl.

Not every day a group of birds lands in my yard, of all places, which is looking VERY nice this year thanks to Philip's emerging green thumb. We own a large German Shepard-Black Lab named Enu ("ee-new"), who loves chasing birds away from the yard. She even caught a dove one time that was a bit slow on the "holy crap, fly away!" action. Philip had to mercy-kill it because it was dying, which was a horrible experience. So, this was a special thing for me. I just wonder how they ended up in my yard, since it definitely smells of "big, scary predator."

I warned Philip before leaving to make sure they were gone before he let Enu out, and they were. Probably just passing through. But for some reason, on a day that I should have been cursing because of work, I found myself in an extended good mood.


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  1. Your story was fabulous, Jes. Perhaps they knew your yard was a "they won't kill me and eat me" yard and wanted to pay their respects. Gosh, they had to thump on your roof to get your attention, even.