Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vegenaise: A Love Story

Can I just say how much I love Vegenaise? Can I just shout it from the hills, declare my undying love...for Vegenaise?

Phil thinks it tastes like regular mayo and Miracle Whip had a dairy- and egg-free baby. I think it's the perfect mix between the two flavors. I find that people are split on their mayonaise: they are either for regular mayo, or they are for tangy Miracle Whip. This is the perfect (and cruelty-free) middle.

I did something with Vegenaise tonight , something exciting and new and wonderful.

I put it on my baked potato.

(Look! There's more after this jar's out!!)

I'm coming to learn the versatility of this stuff. It's certainly good on sandwiches, but I figured I would mix in something with it, you know, see what happened.

THIS HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh holy baby jebus, this was a fantastic baked potato. I know, doesn't seem like a baked potato could be very exciting, but this one rocked my socks off.

I sautéed some onion, green peppers, and red peppers, loaded the baked potato with 3/4 of the mixture, and then I mixed the rest with some Vegenaise and a little garlic-lemon seasoning. Topped it all with green onions and a splash of paprika (Phil's idea). Yum-tastic.


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  1. Oh my gosh, that looks so delicious! I want to try that. I'll try to get your breakfast burrito made in the near future, vegan style, and I know you will love it. GREAT site and I love the name.