Thursday, August 12, 2010

Check it...


New apron!
It is of my new favorite veggie, beets (except this version won't turn my urine magenta!)

Some other things I am really liking right now:

-school starting again next week (though my History of Wichita class isn't until the following week).
-the September issue of Food Network Magazine. touches on raw food and seems to have way more veg-friendly recipes than recent (ahem! summer grilling) issues.
-school supplies. if I wouldn't get papercuts, I would bathe in a sea of Post-Its and sit beneath a tree of pens. everything has its place in Stationary Village... (YAY Mighty Boosh!).
-popcorn with 'nooch. mmmm...yum.
-new patterned ankle socks from Target for $1.
-a blender (our first one!) and the anticipation of yummy smoothies.
-wedding dress shopping.


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