Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Dog, the Brave

I am so very proud of our dog, Enu. She's never been one to play nice with people or other dogs. We adopted her from the pound back when we lived in Manhattan (KS) five years ago, and she had been a street rat, living with her pack. She had several small scars, was missing two teeth (naturally, it looked like), and the people at the pound told us she'd puked up a sock when they brought her in. She was a rough biatch.

We didn't socialize her well enough though, and she got worse. She's never bitten anyone, though she nipped at my brother, but that was after our apartment flooded. She was in a strange place (a hotel room) with strangers (my brother and my mother), and she was scared and hiding behind me.

Taking her to the vet has been a trial. Last year she was so scared. She barked at the vet techs and vet, and she blew her coat out all over the room. But she got through it and eventually began to let the vet tech pet her belly.

We were expecting the exact same this year. But it was SO much better. She only growled once and barked once, and those happened when people came through the door to her room. She's a different dog once she's on the table in the examination room. She even let the vet tech scratch her back until she started to kick her leg!

I am so proud of Enu and relieved!

Enu was certainly tuckered out after coming home though :)


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