Saturday, August 7, 2010

Green Onions, Part Deux

So, I really like green onions, but I am pretty sure my admiration of them increased significantly when I learned that I could REGROW them after using them.

Check it out!

You have to make sure that when using the green onions for the first time you don't cut too far down. If you do, they will not regrow. You can use the green onion down to where the white part branches into the light green (the "fork"). After that, fill a cup with room-temperature water, and set the green onion base into it.

I position my cup o' onions close to light and watch them grow. They usually do most of the growing overnight, I've found. Also, I was delighted to find the second version of the green onion more pungent than the first (which means I have to use less of the second version, double score!). After they've grown out, I store them in the fridge.

How's that for free food?

Like my coffee cup? Got that beaut' at a garage sale about five years ago.

-Working on my thesis & talking Philip into suffering through finding old newspaper articles on microfilm (ugh!).
-Making wedding invitations ourselves (for free...). Less than 3 months to go!
-Cleaning the dog/art room.

-Heading to the farmer's market with Philip.
-Checking out the 50% off wedding junk sale at Hobby Lobby.
-Cleaning the rest of the house. Definitely a must if we want to mentally launch a good semester, which starts on the 19th.
-Making a big pot o' beans to freeze.

Happy weekend!

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