Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ba Ba Ba Beard, Beard, Beard, the Beard is the Word!

Philip and I are getting married in THREE DAYS!!! Holy houseplant, where did the time go?!? Just yesterday we were oggling each other at a party! We've come so far together.

Xmas, 2004 (first together)

I mean, just look how far we've come:

Halloween 2010 (last weekend)

I ended up with all of Philip's hair, and he lost the weight that I gained! Ha! Just joking.

Like my Zach Galifianakis costume à la Hangover? I couldn't find a babydoll at home in time enough for the Carlos I came up with the next best thing, my dog's "big mean kitty" toy. Enu wasn't very happy that I was stealing her toy for the night.

I even won Best Costume at the party we attended!

The next time I'm able to post anything new will likely be Nov 1st for Vegan MoFo (YAY!).

Have a superb Halloween!

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