Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amy's Low in Sodium Lentil Veg Soup

Today is going to be fairly busy (Girls' Nite, what WHAT!), and I need to make up a menu for next week, so here's some soup I ate for the first time the other night: Amy's Organic Low in Sodium Lentil Vegetable Soup.

I wasn't feeling well and wanted something hot, so I found this in my cupboard. It really hit the spot. I've tried other Amy's soups and didn't care much for them, but this was realllly tasty.

Paired with the last biscuit from Peasant Supper Sunday.

Is it bad to add salt to a low sodium soup? HAHA! I didn't add much...The veggies and lentils were very nice, and it really soothed my sore throat. I needs to go buy me some more...

Happy weekend to you all! I for one am pretty excited for the food in this next week (if not my job, ha!).


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