Monday, November 8, 2010

Peasant Supper Sunday: Chili and Biscuits!

Now, this is truly a go-to cheap-o meal for me: "Easy Peasy Chili."

Basically, it's the epitome of my Peasant Supper Sundays series because it's super cheap, makes leftovers (since The Hubs doesn't eat it, score!), and is really fast to make. Sometimes I really DON'T want to be cooking all day on a Sunday (sometimes I DO, and those are really rewarding Sundays). Yesterday, I was taking the lame route.

All this chili consists of is a can of tomatoes and green chilies ($0.99) mixed with a can of chili beans ($0.68). It definitely needs the addition of spices. I usually add chili powder or cayenne, cumin, S&P, and sometimes even a teensy bit of lime juice and/or raw sugar. Also, I top it with Daiya and green onions, but I was very unfortunately out of both... I might be copping out a smidge by using canned beans and all, but what the hay. It is filling, cheap, and fast, and I was on no mood for major cooking last night!

Paired with this was my first attempt at biscuits in the new and AWESOME Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. It's totally rad.

I went with the Golden Home-style Biscuits recipe from Beverly Lynn Bennett's Vegan Bites because I didn't want a ton of leftovers. It uses whole wheat flour, "buttermilk," baking powder, and safflower oil (I used veg oil). It was really easy to make, but the mixture was too loose and crumbly, so I had to add a little bit of water.

I think the wheat biscuits turned out yummy but would be better maybe with some herbs added to the mix or some Daiya. They were also good for breakfast this morning :)

Thinking about making a new recipe with the leftover chili tonight...should be fun!

What meals do you have as ready stand-bys for busy nights/lazy days?


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