Monday, November 8, 2010

Capellini with Garlic & Olive Oil, Yum!

That's right. Two posts in one day...still going strong, and there's sooooo much more to do!

Ok, so Sunday I was a bit on the "I don't want to cook very much" wagon (i.e. see my "Easy Peasy Chili" and Biscuits post...). For lunch that day, I made another REALLY easy recipe, also from Beverly Lynn Bennett's awesome cookbook, Vegan Bites, which is great when you are the only one in the house eating totally vegan.

Her recipe was for "Spaghetti with Garlic and Olive Oil," but since I think Spag. takes too dang long to cook (and kids, I was FAMISHED.), I decided to use the box of capellini noodles hanging around my little pantry cabinet. Capellini are a version of angel hair pasta. The brand of capellini I buy is even thinner than the Barilla angel hair I used to get.

Yup, capellini = feeding Jes' face faster!

I cooked the capellini, and in another small pan I sautéed about 2 cloves of minced garlic in 1 TBSP olive oil (being careful not to burn it). I then added 3 sliced mushrooms to the oil, along with the recommended crushed red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper. Dried oregano also found its merry way in, too, and was joined by freshly-squeezed lemon juice as the very last ingredient.

This was followed by draining the pasta, tossing it with the oil sauce, plating, and topping with a shake of nooch.

Holy smokes, folks! This was so easy and yummy. Probably not the best for my waist line, but what the hay...

I ate this at about 3:30ish, and it put me in a coma-nap until 6:00pm! What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. Screw Ambien and over-the-counter sleep meds. You should try this recipe!!

Do you have a recipe that brings on a blissful nap after you eat?



  1. Food naps! Ha!

    I think any kind of soup puts me to sleep, but in a good way. All I want to do when it's cold outside is eat soup, curl up with a book, and pass out.

  2. Oh yeah, soup knocks me out, too. Mmmm...soup...

  3. Hahahaha. That sounds like the best nap ever!