Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chili Bean Dip & Cornbread...Mmmmm...

Hey MoFo'ers!

I've been on a chili kick lately. I wanted chili again last night, but differently. So I food processed my chili leftovers from the Peasant Supper Sunday.

Yes, I used my already cheap leftover chili, added one more $0.68 can of chili beans to the mix, lime juice, some cubes of tofu leftover in the fridge (for texture), more spices, and ate the HECK out of it!

Sounds weird, doesn't it? But after it was heated up and piping hot, this chili bean dip (basically hummus without the tahini, if you will) was sooooooooooooooooo good.

I also made the ever-wonderful Sweet Cornbread Cake to go along with the Chili Bean Dip goodness and had some avocado on the side, for good measure :)

Mixer in Action!

This was The Hubs' portion. For reals, I kid you freakin' not.


Coming up tomorrow: "Night of the Living Acorn Squash!!" (wait, that sounds gross...). Maybe "Acorn Squash, You Complete Me." (Meh.) Ok, how about "An Acorn Squash Three Way." (dirrrty, but not me.) You'll just have to wait and see. Biggest post eva...

One more thing that I have to tell you...I am so very excited for tomorrow. You know what tomorrow brings? A PACKAGE FULL OF DAIYAAAAA. Yeah. I am still Jonesing like no other. For dinner tomorrow, that wicked awesome Daiya "cheesey" bread recipe I saw earlier this week.



  1. I can't believe your husband carved a huge square out of the middle of your cornbread! Crust snob! :)

  2. I love the idea to make a bean dip out of left over chili!

  3. This looks so good!

    Your husband's portion of the cornbread made me laugh. It's funny how we're all different - I'm all about crust and am always trying to get the corner pieces of everything (to get the most of the crispy edges). ;)