Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baked Chickpeas, 2 Ways

Hey MoFos,

Hope you're all having a ball with the posting. I know I sure am!

I wanted to take a minute to tell about the importance of experimentation with food. I've had yummy recipes and horrible, gag-inducing recipes (pesto gone WAYYY bad, still have nightmares). And sometimes, when it's 9:00pm one night when you're bored out of your ever-lovin' mind, experimenting with food is what it takes to keep you from repeatedly bashing your face on the coffee table. Right, so...

Last night, I resumed my obsession with chickpeas and made baked them two ways.

Left side: Spicy Chickpeas with Paprika, Cumin, and Cayenne (they ended up needing more of each)
Right side: Nooch-tastic Chickpeas with Garlic Powder, Oregano, and NOOCH.

I made a little foil divider to keep the spicy and "cheesy" sides separate. Like my zombie baker cookie cutter? Nothing to do with this recipe, he was just hanging out on the counter and wanted to pop in to say, "Nunnnmmmgggg..."

I digress.

I baked the chicks at like 400 or 425, I forget (I've slept since then) for about 30 minutes. Just have to keep an eye on them to make sure they get crunchy but don't burn.

One other thing: probably not the best idea to store them in plastic baggies. I brought some to work today, and they were a right mushy mess towards the end of the day when I wanted to nosh on something while driving home from work (I've been getting carsick like every time I drive this week...hmmm...)

In other news...

I've DREAMED of this thing for YEARS. Y-E-A-R-SSsssssssss...

Thanks to Robert and Anne, two of my new parents-in-law, it's a reality!

When I took it out of the box tonight, I LITERALLY made the "angelic noise." You know, **"ahhhhhh..."**sparkle**tears in eyes**. Yeah, I totally dorked out.

But who wouldn't????????????

And here it is next to the lovely Giada food processor. My old Black and Decker (old, as in like 4-5 years?) needs a loving, new home. Hello, garage sale!

Got some great ideas coming up...Don't miss it!!


  1. Ooo, I made baked chickpeas once. I need to do that again. I'll try your spice choices. Nice foil divider!

    Congrats on the new mixer!

    BTW, my husband always puts ketchup on his beans. He has gotten our kids hooked on it. In fact, this morning I asked my daughter what she wanted for breakfast, and she said, "Beans with ketchup."

  2. My in-laws just got me a Kitchen Aid mixer last month! I can totally share in your elation. Enjoy!

  3. I have a bag of chickpeas waiting to be used. Baking might just be on the agenda this weekend! Nice mixer, by the way. It's been on my wishlist for years but I haven't indulged because I don't have the kitchen space just yet. Those things last forever. My mom has one from, like, 1975 and it's still kickin'.

  4. Congratulations! I'd kill for that mixer. And I think I might have to try the chickpeas too.

  5. I, too, am completely jealous of the mixer! Why, oh why, didn't I register for one when I was getting married???