Friday, November 19, 2010

Salad, with a Side of the Blahs

Holy shiz, you guys. It's been a long a** week. Next week, those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving (U.S.) will be confronted with dead flesh, which makes for another icky week. I'm going to try to get past it with little confrontation, questions about my choices, and quizzical looks. Good luck, all.

In the meantime, today was pretty uninspiring, so after coming home I ate a regular ole' salad from the supermarket. At least it had some dried cranberries on top, which made me want to figure out how to make cranberry jelly from scratch (the jelly WITHOUT cranberries in it...just jelly). That was my FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving dinner as a kid--the jelly out of a can, cut into slices, still retaining the can shape. Sounds white trashy, but I LOVED it. One Thanksgiving, several years ago when my mom and I used to do marathon cooking, I turned said jelly into a WICKED awesome vinaigrette and topped a superb salad with it. My mom and aunts still talk about it. Maybe I'll try to replicate that this coming week.

THIS is NOT that legendary salad but was still tasty nonetheless:

Raise your hand if you dig marinated mushrooms!

I was inspired, however, to create my Vegan MoFo Tribute, to debut either tomorrow or Sunday, whichever day I find the time to complete it. It's gonna rock your chopsticks.



  1. Sorry your week sucked! The Veganomicon recipe uses agar and holds its shape when cooled. Maybe make it and strain the cranberries out?

  2. VCON is totally on my xmas list! I'll try that out. I've been wanting to remake that salad since like 2006...