Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spaghetti and a Promising Sunday

So, I am thinking up my weekly menu...I'll have to throw in food for Thanksgiving with the fam, as well. Thinking of taking some acorn squash bread, like I made recently. That was pretty tasty, and I think all I need is one acorn squash.

Besides that, I'm having salad one night but not sure what else yet...any ideas?

Anyway, tonight after going out to see Harry Potter 7-1, we went out to The Vagabond for 2 rounds of Apples to Apples and a soy mocha latte for me, and then I made some standard pasta when we got home. I don't like jarred pasta sauce anymore; I find it is too sugary. I started making homemade pasta sauce (WELL, as homemade as a can of crushed tomatoes can get, flavored and simmered, but close enough when good tomatoes are difficult to find). Tastes much, much better than the sugar-crack stuff anyway.

Threw on some dried parsley, so it looked legit.

I have my Vegan MoFo Tribute done, just going to postpone it until closer to the end of the month.


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