Monday, November 15, 2010

'Za, I Love It!

The Hubs and I love the 'Za (Pizza...we love to shorten food names in this house). It's one meal that we sort of collectively make--me being vegan, The Hubs still eating meat occasionally. We do eat some of the same food, but this is so much fun--it's like making a personal pan pizza à la childhood!

He has his half (whoa, say that 3 times fast!), and I have mine. I want to say it's the same thing as with money in a marriage ("what's hers is hers, and what's his is hers"), but it's NOT so much in this case...

Here's the result:

Notice the huge No Man's Land in between!

My side: Mozz. and Cheddar Daiya, organic mushrooms, and black olive slices atop homemade 'za sauce.
His side: Morningstar Farm Crumbles with cow's milk mozz.

Winner: Mine, clearly :)

This is how we compromise when it comes to the 'Za, because that's what marriage is all about and why we've been together for so dang long. Wonder what we're going to do when we have kids...?


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  1. My husband's vegan but we still have to do our pizzas like this because he hates veggies on pizza!