Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Saturday.

Well, what is left of it, right?

What are you all up to this weekend? Today I:

1. Woke up at 10:28am. Time for the dog to relieve herself outside and bark for her doggie friends next door.
2. Ate some brunch and did the dishes.
3. Hung out with The Hubs, being "Saturday bums."
4. Watched about 3 episodes of "Veronica Mars" (season 2, and it's getting really good!). I can't believe I missed this show when it was on television originally. I'm hooked.
5. Got ready and went to get my hair did (maybe a picture tomorrow. it's similar to last May but more edgy).
6. Went on a trip to the store for juice--and came out with juice, salt&vinegar chips and a Marvel action figure for The Hubs--for his growing collection.
7. Had Subway for early dinner (I'm not doing very well at this no eating out business...).
8. Just sitting here now with Enu next to me, exploring blogs I like and waiting to get ready to head out for The Shan's bday fun at Pei Wei.

Tomorrow will be filled with grocery shopping, house cleaning, and the Sunday visit with The Hub's Mutti (and my Mutti-in-law, whatever that is in German). Maybe we'll take down the xmas tree and decorations...just maybe.


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