Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our First Snow!

We've been very fortunate in our area of Kansas to not get any snow until this week. We were beginning to think this was the "winter that snow forgot" or the "snowless winter." About a week or so ago, our temperatures topped out at nearly 60 degrees on some days.

Ok, well, we had one day in November where big, fat, wet snowflakes fell for about 10 minutes, but nothing stuck. Since then, drought conditions while the rest of the US got completely hammered.

Isn't this beautiful? If you're in an area with snow, you're probably not agreeing with me, but whatev.

{cars covered in pure, white snow}

Our dog (Enu) loves the snow.
{enu snow-face}

She jumps around in it, even when no one is outside watching (though we sometimes watch out the office window). The Hubs and I happened to see her wipe her rump in the snow, which made us laugh out loud. She heard us, perked up, looking embarrassed, and trotted over to the window to find the source of the shame.

{the hubs and enu}

Yesterday, we stayed home (HATE driving in snow). In the afternoon, we decided to uncover our cars and shovel the driveway. It ended up with The Hubs throwing shovels of snow onto Enu, who eagerly jumped to eat the snow.




And then right after we went inside, sweaty and proud of our shovel-work, it started snowing again...and snowed...and snowed...until all of our work was for naught.

{no, enu, don't eat the shovel, we'll need that later}

Oh well :)


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  1. First off, I love the title of your blog. Freaking awesome. Wow! You have a lot of snow. I wish it would go ahead and snow here. Thanks for stopping by our blog. (The 365 Day Project). Happy New Year.