Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I read an article on CNN.com about Obama signing the Food "Safety" Bill (S.510). You can read it here.

Just don't know whether to be happy or sad. Leaning more toward the sad side though, after reading this part:

"The new law would not extend to meat, poultry or processed eggs. Those foods are regulated by the Agriculture Department and are subjected to more rigorous inspections and oversight than foods regulated by the FDA."


If ANYTHING, that is the main problem with this issue. How much feces and crap do you think you are ingesting when you eat factory-farmed meat? Those poor cows enter facilities with their pelts covered in poo. Even so, do you really want to ingest something cleansed in a strong chemical just because it might kill you? We WOULD NOT have E-coli and Salmonella in our spinach if not for runoff from feed lots. Does all of this make any sense at all? Do you even care??

Why not push for stronger regulation on the #1 cause of food-related illnesses? Why not police meat production more? Oh yeah, because a good deal of the FDA and Ag Department are made up of meat industry lobbyists or executives, people who were/are promoting the very industry they were chosen to police. In the icky voice of that southern radio guy, "Wake up, America!"


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