Monday, January 3, 2011

Roasted Turnips and Mushrooms and Some Cauli-mash

I'm was uber-tired today at work (ugh.) but decided to try out two recipes that I ran across in recent days.

The first is from Food Network Magazine Jan/Feb 2011 but also found here on their website: Roasted Turnips and Mushrooms

Next on my plate is a lovely recipe perfected by Nora at Pride and Vegudice, a blog that I've been reading most of 2010: Mashed Cauliflower

Both dishes were really tasty (and used UNDER-used veggies!), but I have to give big props to Nora's Cauliflower Mash. That was sooooooo good, and The Hubs even tried a bite.

In other news, I made some resolutions. I figured I'd keep up the winning streak (I successfully kept a resolution for the first time ever: not to eat meat in 2010!). They range from paying bills on time to getting a sewing machine to cutting out high fructose corn syrup and aspartame. I have many others, but those seem to be the most important to me (not necessarily in that order). What are your resolutions? Ever have success with any?


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