Monday, January 17, 2011

Stir-fry Tofu

Realizing I haven't posted anything food-related in a week or so, I thought I'd throw this tid bit out there.

Last night I made Stir-fry Tofu from Vegetarian Times Healing Foods special edition (minus the ground cloves, yuck. I had to get clove oil-soaked cloth stuffed into my dry sockets last March when I had my wisdom teeth removed. That's the last time I knowingly ingest that gross stuff, unless it's in a baked good.)

{pressing the tofu. really need a tofu xpress}

{green onions are my fave}

But the tofu was superb. I got it on sale at the supermarket (Nasoya brand) for $1.29 or something when it wasn't supposed to expire until 2/2/11. {yeah, weird} Also got to use some of the yummy Barley Miso that I just got from South River Co. Making hummus later this week with the sesame tahini I bought as well!