Monday, February 28, 2011

I can haz cookie?

Lately I've been blissed out and totally obsessed with cookies...making them...buying them...eating them... Here are some instances of recent bliss:

{blackstrap gingersnaps from vegan cookies invade your cookiejar}

{vegan and allergy-free (GF) snickerdoodles from Enjoy Life...mmm, soft}

{"lazy samoas" from VCIYCJ. made these for a bday party}

{ok, so not technically a cookie but a chocolate-coconut haystack. F! where did I get these??}

Plus, I made the Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles from VCIYCJ again and brought them to work for a cookie bake-off for charity. Didn't win the contest, but the cookies won a trip to some hungry stomachs.

If I can find where I got the chocolate-coconut haystacks recipe from, I will post it here. They are seriously like FOUR ingredients, easy to make, and ready to eat in like 30 minutes. Swoon...

UPDATE: The haystacks are from VegWeb!

Thinking of what to make next...


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