Monday, February 28, 2011

McD's Oatmeal

Were you as skeptical of McD's new oatmeal as I was when it first came out?

I didn't want to risk trying it only to find out that it was made with dairy or lard or something equally as disgusting, so I just didn't bother and made my own oatmeal at home when I wanted some. I haven't eaten there since probably like 2009, I think.

And then linked an article written by Mark Bittman for the NY Times. Worth a read!

I've been eating oatmeal from an Oh She Glows post (or 2). It's SO easy to make the night before and then just pull out of the fridge to eat in the morning. I varied it a little by subbing whole flax seeds for the chia seeds and cocoa powder for the carob powder. Very filling and neat to eat cold!


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