Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Mash-Up

V-Day was great! I will have to post the short poem I wrote for The Hubs. Mine was adorable; his was funny. He continually surprises me :)

Tonight I am making Roasted Red Pepper Pasta with whole grain pasta and freshly roasted peppers (my first time! yay!). I need to use up some leftover carrots from The Hubs' soup craze, and this seems the tastiest way at present.

In other news...You all really need to check out this blog. It's not vegan (or secular...) but I really enjoy the message it promotes (healthy eating).

The blog author lists a new healthy habit each week and backs it up with a solid amount of peer-reviewed research. Brilliant. I found it one day weeks ago, traipsing from one blog through another.

Enjoy your Tuesday, just because!