Monday, February 14, 2011


The Hubs and I have never really celebrated Valentine's Day (the V-Day Massacre would merit more of a celebration than the actual lovey-dovey day). I never really used to be in line with this kind of thinking; when the day came around, I would pout to him about it being low on our radar ("our" = his, in this case). He would whine about commercialism and all that crud, and I would counter by telling him that his reasoning was just an excuse to not buy me anything, haha!

Now I've become resigned to the fact that Valentine's Day is just another day. I have my Dreamboat Snookums and don't really need red roses that were sprayed with checmicals...or chocolate made with milk.

I'm good with a limerick that he likes to write for me each year (you'd better be writing that now!)

Happy Valentine's Day, if you celebrate! Coming soon (i.e. when I can get my act together at home and write it up) a restaurant review of d'Sozo (all vegan) in Wichita. Hot dog!


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