Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tofu Noodles

Have you ever just wanted to eat pasta by the truckload? {well, not realistically, but you get the point} And then you realize that by eating a ton of pasta you would feel like total crap?

Based on this huge urge, I decided to finally buy myself a bag of Hungry Girl-approved Tofu Shirataki noodles, which are sold near the mushrooms in my supermarket. {I don't follow the Hungry Girl mantra as a lot of the ingredients suggested for recipes are way-processed, but I like her message}.

And then they sat in my fridge for a week until I could figure out how to approach them. I ended up veganizing the Hungry Girl recipe on the side of the bag o' noodles, a simple Veg Soup. I'm good at these, so what could go wrong?

Nothing. Nothing went wrong with these. I followed the package instructions for cooking the noodles, prepared the rest of my usual veg soup, and then mixed them together in the pot. You have to drain the noodles and rinse them really well. They smell something like rotting fish when you open the bag (what the company calls "authentic smell"), but it dissipates after you microwave and dry them. After that, all you do is add them to whatever dish you are making.

{bowl of hot soup resting atop a doily from my grandma}

They picked up the flavor of my soup well (I bought the spaghetti-shaped noodles). I will probably cut them next time as the strands were way too long for my dish. They have a texture that kind of pops, like what I remember feeling when I'd bite into a hot dog before I went veg. It's kind of neat. And bonus: the noodles are like 20 calories per serving, which is huge, by the way.

You should give them a try. Not only are they Hungry Girl-approved; they are now Your Mom's a Vegan-approved.


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