Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finally, access to my computer...

I've been a little slacker-ish on the blog lately; just kind of busy doing nothing (and the hubs insists on using both the PC, which has a dual screen, AND the laptop in the evenings to both watch a DVD while playing a game on the PC. "Because if I have it all on the PC at the same time, it lags." Lag you.). So I haven't been able to download my rad pics of food until tonight--I know, wth?

Here's the DL on some of the cooler things I've been consuming lately:

{more tofu shirataki noodles. this time, the angel hair kind. yum.}

{apple crisp. recipe from my first fruit crisp!}


{i had half a bag of apples that were going bad. best use of "on the verge" fruit, ever.}

{choco-nana and strawberry-chia smoothie}

{chia seeds, 5 froz. strawberries, 1 froz. banana, small palm of vegan choc chips & choc almond breeze}

We've decided to have a BBQ at the end of April around my birthday. I'm obviously going to make some veg-friendly dishes, and I am drawing a complete blank besides the obvious grilled portabello...any ideas? What do you like to bring to BBQ's?



  1. Jes your post made me laugh because the same thing happens to me when my husband wants the computer.Then I have to wait until he goes to work.Poo Poo!!
    I LOVE crisps so super yummy.You smoothie sounds really good!!!

  2. I know, LOL! I tell him that's why we bought two computers...but still. So I hijacked the PC last night in an attempt to update my blog.

    You totally have to try freezing bananas. Though it makes me laugh, the first time a tried freezing a banana, I left the skin on, and it turned like a funky green color and I couldn't even open it HAHA! Whoops.

  3. I used to freeze bananas like that then I'd microwave then and squish then out.GROSS but effective.Now I peel slice it four times(two pieces for each smoothie)then throw it in my on going freezer bag.Much faster and less gross