Saturday, July 30, 2011

a plea for power & a plea for ideas

I've been wishing and hoping for rain for days upon days now. Perhaps I was a little too fervent in my longing because we got it full-force here yesterday. My wishes were granted, and then it totally sucked.

Leaving Dillon's yesterday evening, we were confronted with a rain storm. This wasn't just a shower; it was a torrential downpour-soak-you-to-the-bone kind. Laughing, I walked to the car towards the end of the parking lot, and The Hubs and I climbed in completely drenched to the skin. All was well, really, until we got home and realized we were without power. This is usually corrected fairly quickly around here. However, yesterday was not one of those times.

We were in good spirits at first--I read the last chapters of Martin's A Game of Thrones and The Hubs watched some Star Trek: Enterprise with what power the laptop still held. We called in the outage and were told it would be about 2-4 hours until fixed. That seemed kind of long, but whatever.

And then it was 9:00pm, and our power was still out. We dug out some candles and two battery-powered fans and called again. This time, we were told it would be fixed by 3:00am. M-F-ing 3:00am! WTH.

With that, I just gave up and headed to bed, with the hope that once I awoke, all would be well. It's kind of a good feeling, sleeping through troubles. I kind of wish I could do the same at work sometimes. You know, someone starts to yell at me on the phone because they don't have any sense of decency, and I immediately fall into a blissful powernap until they get confused and hang up. Brilliant!

Then it was 2:00am. And the power was still out. I awoke kind of rested, surveyed the situation, and climbed back in bed for another attempt at restful sleep. It proved elusive this time, and I struggled through dreams in which the power was restored. Each time I had such a dream, Iwould awake, look at my bedside clock, see that it was still black, spit curses at the electric company, and try to fall asleep, yet again. It proved to be a terrible, vicious, and disappointing cycle.

Eventually, we got up at 6:00am, unable to sleep any longer. I mentioned that I wanted to hit the farmer's market, since we hadn't gone in weeks. Just before we were to leave home, the power returned! And there was much rejoicing.

And now, my plea for ideas: I picked up a container of kohlrabi at the farmer's market after the stall attendant talked me into it. I had been eyeing kohlrabi at the store recently, and this girl totally sold me. She gave me some ideas, but what do you think? Have you tried it before, either cooked or raw? If so, any recipe ideas?

{this is kohlrabi, to the}

Here's to hoping my weekend improves, for the love of all that is yummy.



  1. Jes I can say I am no help what-so-ever I have never even heard of kohlrabi.Amazing all the things that are still out their to discover.It will be interesting to hear the responses and see what you did with it.I would love to know what it tastes like!! And RAIN sucks we have only had 2 sunny days this year.Yuck!!

  2. Hmm, I am thinking of roasting them with some other veggies. I'll post some results pics :)

  3. Did you roast them? How were they? I have never heard of them before but from the pics they look like a toss between cabbage and brussel sprouts. With that in mind, I thought they they looked good but now I wonder about their taste. I'm game to try them!