Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vegan MoFo, Day 25: Kielbasa Sausage, Your Butt Cheeks Is Warm...

Because that Tenacious D line has been playing in my mind since I made these puppies...

Finally got to dig out some sauerkraut! It didn't taste anything like what I (blocked out) remember it tasting like. The homemade sauerkraut was a little salty, but it did the trick for probably a lot less than buying the equivalent in canned.

So simple, no recipe needed.

-Wheat hotdog bun
-Tofurky brand Kielbasa

It's so October, you know?

5 more days until our 1st wedding anniversary!!


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  1. Oh man, Tofurkey makes Kielbasa? I'm going to have to find some stat. Lovin' the simple sausages w/ sauerkraut, yum!