Monday, October 31, 2011

Vegan MoFo, Day 31: Last Day, Holla!

I've done it! I posted every day and am very proud of that. It's been one hell of a month...

There are some ideas that I want to put into play soon for my itty-bitty blog:

*Blog re-design! With the help of my awesome-way-artistically-rad-husband!

*Make a "Your Mom's a Vegan" Facebook 12 people can like it (whatev).

*Don't disappear the month after Vegan MoFo wraps up and blame it on the holidays (because it was totally an excuse for me).

*Try more new recipes each week from various sources, not just one go-to resource, while remaining mostly seasonal/local. I'll still be eating bananas though because they are super-duper.

*Create either a "week in review" or "what I ate..." kind of regular post.

*Keep up with writing out recipes in easy-to-follow directions, you know, like recipes are supposed to be. Opposite of the "paragraph paragraph figure it out yourself" kind of directions.

Here's to Vegan MoFo and the fine folks who run it. Without you, my world would be much smaller. You have my respect and admiration. Vegan MoFo Foreva!

I *heart* you guys!


PS--Good to see a new Hyperbole and a Half post from Allie Brosh! It's a sad one. I get how she feels and sometimes feel the same way, just not to quite that extent. I still have to go to work 5 days out of the week, so I guess you could call it "working depression." It's definitely real, though.

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  1. I like your plans post-MoFo. They sound great! Congrats on posting every day!